Filming actress Jessica Hsuan in Hong Kong

Based in Los Angeles, California - Bryan is a Cinematographer and Photographer who enjoys helping others tell their story, traveling the world, and seeking adventure.

Bryan spent his childhood making movies on his dad's VHS camcorder (and convincing his friends to act in his stories), building plastic models (and blowing them up). He took every available creative writing, studio art, and darkroom photography class to fulfill that creative itch. He essentially did everything he could to chart a successful path into filmmaking and visual effects. In fact, when Bryan was in middle school, he interviewed A. D. Flowers for his creative writing class. The topic: How to Become a Visual Effects Artist. A. D. Flowers is best known for his work on Tora! Tora! Tora!, which won him an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects at the 43rd Academy Awards. He was also a credited special effects artist for The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, and The Poseidon Adventure.

Having worked in Hollywood for almost 20 years, Bryan made his way from a lead animator at a very young age to Visual Effects Supervisor and Creative Director. He has directed teams of talented CG artists to create some of the most memorable title sequences for noteable directors such as John Woo, Steven Spielberg, M. Night Shyamalan, and Justin Lin.

Recently Bryan has been directing animation teams, sound designers, composers, and visual effects vendors to create the remarkable media seen in theme park rides for Marvel Studios at Disneyland parks. He has also directed short-form media projects worldwide for many theme park attractions, including Hong Kong, China, Japan, and France. He has worked with Jessica Hsuan, Paul Rudd, Toby Jones, Evangeline Lilly, Peyton Reed, Christophe Beck, Brie Larson, etc.

For project inquiries, rates or other questions, please contact me via @email.